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Moms and Babies

Welcome to
Beyond The Push Fitness

Beyond The Push Fitness specializes in fitness for moms.

Based out of Redwood City, CA, we offer in-person classes, virtual classes & online personal training. In addition, we offer programs, challenges and nutrition coaching.

No matter your age, your fitness level, where you are in life, or what stage of motherhood you're in,

we're here for you.

What We Offer

What We Offer

"Lacey is the most encouraging, energetic and positive trainer that I've ever met. She pushes you to work hard, always making sure your posture is right. She is friendly and tough. I admire her perseverance and passion. She truly cares about your fitness goals and is very creative so makes working out fun."

-Rocio, Redwood City, CA


Move Better

Our training is designed to enhance your posture and improve mobility and flexibility, so you can move better and be pain-free in everyday life.

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