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Mama Beast Boot Camp

Hey there, Supermom! Are you ready to prioritize your well-being, regain your energy, & connect with other amazing moms? Mama Beast Boot Camp was exclusively designed for moms like you! It's the perfect opportunity to prioritize self-care while connecting with other amazing moms in a supportive and empowering environment. We not only offer fun & engaging workouts tailored to moms of all ages and stages of motherhood, but we also provide a safe, nurturing environment where you can bond with other like-minded moms. It's time to prioritize self-care, boost your confidence, feel stronger, and recharge your spirit, alongside a tribe of empowering women.


 These 60 Minute classes combine strength training, cardio and a focus on core and pelvic floor. You can even bring your kiddo(s) along! 

 Mama, you deserve this. Come join us and let's unleash your inner superhero while having a blast!

Mama Beast Boot Camp Schedule
9:30 am-10:30 am
Monday & Thursday - Marlin Park, Redwood Shores
Tuesday & Friday - McGarvey Field, Red Morton Park, Redwood City
Wednesdays (Summer 2023
- Beresford Park Fitness Zone, San Mateo
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More than just a workout! We're a tribe!

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What People Are Saying

Mommy and Me

"Lacey is the most encouraging, energetic and positive trainer that I've ever met. She pushes you to work hard, always making sure your posture is right. She is friendly and tough. I admire her perseverance and passion. She truly cares about your fitness goals and is very creative so makes working out fun."

Jogging with Stroller

"I am SO grateful for Lacey's Mama Beast Boot Camp classes!! Lacey is a phenomenal, knowledgeable instructor. The workouts are challenging, fulfilling and she also keeps things entertaining! As a mom, I literally call her my savior since I can bring my busy toddler to class and still get my workout in! Getting out of the house with my son and moving my body with Lacey's & her fantastic colleague/fellow team trainer Ashley's classes has had a huge impact on my life on so many levels. The outdoors classes have truly been a mental health lifeline for me; I feel better in my body after the workouts; and their positive encouragement, training tools and joy create a welcoming community of other moms & kiddos to spend time with. Both Lacey & Ashley's Mama Beast workouts always kick my butt (seriously! & in a good way!) I always leave feeling better than upon arrival. Thank you Lacey, Ashley & team for your energy & guidance, and for this important space you provide & nurture for parents & their kiddos!!!"

Pregnancy Dress

I’ve worked with Lacey for over three years and have learned so much about exercises to impact different parts of the body through her instruction. She always has thought out each workout to include cardio, weight training and repetition to ensure a solid workout every time. 
Lacey also is wonderful at making sure the moves are correct or modified for your individual needs. She clearly knows a lot about about how to address past or present injuries, any pregnancy (or post) considerations, and cares about how to work with each client so each gets the most out of every exercise.

Brandy, Super Mom 

Practising Yoga with Mom

Lacey is the most incredible instructor, who creates an amazing sense of community while pushing and empowering you to be your very best, whatever level that might be. I have old sports injuries and she was always giving me modifications so that I could get back in shape without injuring myself.

Risha, Public Health Professional & Professor

Rocio, Super Mom

Robyn, Doula & Mental Health Advocate

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