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Silver Foxes Seated Boot Camp

Are you looking to gain strength, increase functional mobility and improve bone density?

Our fully seated 45 minute workouts are safe, effective and fun!

Whether you're 55+, currently using a wheelchair or just looking to try something different (and without the fear of falling), then this class is for you.

Give us a try! Don't let the fact that we're seated fool you. We're going to work!

* For in-person classes -> All equipment will be provided.

* For virtual classes -> On most days we will use light dumbbells. Use what you are most comfortable with (1, 3 or 5 lbs). If you don't have a pair of dumbbells, that's OK. Grab a couple cans of canned food items, a couple full water bottles, a couple unopened bottles of wine, or whatever you have laying around of similar weight, that you can use to add some resistance. If you'd prefer not to use any weights, then that's OK too. This is YOUR workout. Let's have some fun while we get in a safe, effective workout.

Silver Foxes Seated Boot Camp Schedule

Mondays 1:00 - 1:45 pm (Starting Oct. 23)
Twin Pines Senior & Community Center, Belmont, CA

Tuesdays 2:00 pm-2:45 pm PST
via Zoom

Fridays 11:00 am-11:45 1m PST (Starting Jan. 8, 2024)
Veterans Memorial Senior Center, Redwood City, CA
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* Register for class below


 In-Person class offered via Belmont Parks & Recreation! 

Our Virtual class remains FREE

 In-Person class offered via Redwood City Parks & Recreation! 

What People Are Saying

"Lacey is the most encouraging, energetic and positive trainer that I've ever met. She pushes you to work hard, always making sure your posture is right. She is friendly and tough. I admire her perseverance and passion. She truly cares about your fitness goals and is very creative so makes working out fun."

Rocio, Super Mom

Senior Woman

I am in Lacey's Silver Foxes group. I am 63 and it was forever since I worked out. I am about 6 weeks in now. I have two bad shoulders, since I started with Lacey both my shoulders feel 90% better and my entire body feels so much stronger. I look forward every week to our class. Lacey is an incredible person and I look forward as to what's to come every week!!

Donna E., Retired

Old Lady

I’ve worked with Lacey for over three years and have learned so much about exercises to impact different parts of the body through her instruction. She always has thought out each workout to include cardio, weight training and repetition to ensure a solid workout every time. 
Lacey also is wonderful at making sure the moves are correct or modified for your individual needs. She clearly knows a lot about about how to address past or present injuries, any pregnancy (or post) considerations, and cares about how to work with each client so each gets the most out of every exercise.

Brandy, Super Mom 

Lacey is an amazing fitness trainer! I have been going to the Silver Foxes Seated Bootcamp on Zoom and love it! Although we are seated, we are getting a real workout. Lacey is clear with instructions, patient, kind, caring and she has a great sense of humor. You should definitely try it if you are 60+.

Nina B., Retired Teacher

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