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Lacey Soares

NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, COPT, Certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, NASM-NC, AAFA-CGFI

My biggest passion in life is helping others. That's why I got into fitness in the first place. I know how busy life can be, and how hard it can be to prioritize your health and fitness. I get it. I also know, though, that it can be done. As a busy parent, business owner and personal trainer, I have the pleasure of seeing, every single day, just how beneficial exercise can be to one's well-being, especially for a busy parent. My mission is to help moms at every age and stage of motherhood feel confident and strong in their post baby bodies. I don't just cater to mamas though! That's why I founded Beyond The Push Fitness; to make online training available to everyone and to make prioritizing fitness a lot easier. No matter your gender, your age, your fitness level, where you are in life, whether you're a weekend warrior or you just want to be able to work in your garden pain free, I've got you!

* Also certified in TRX Suspension Training


Ashley Bartlett

AFAA-GFI, Schwinn Certified Cycle Instructor

Ashley is a mom of four, a lifelong competitive athlete and fitness enthusiast. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, she was on the swim team, track team, soccer team and junior lifeguards. Ashley pursued her passion for sports at Menlo College, where she competed in both soccer and track. Ashley's boot camp classes are top notch! She has nearly a decade of experience teaching group exercise classes, 4 of which have been working along side Lacey, running Momleta Redwood City. And while she specializes in working with pre and postnatal mamas, she also caters to men and women of all fitness levels. She will be instrumental in helping you reach your fitness goals.


Deeanna Cano


Hello! My name is Deeanna. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and hold a certification as a Behavior Change Specialist. I am a mom of 3 and a loser of my own 60 pounds. I grew up on biscuits ‘n gravy & lots of sweet tea. In the southern state of Georgia, that’s just a common staple for families like mine. My fitness journey began midway through my 12 weeks of maternity leave in 2015. After having our last child, I had gained a total of 64 pounds! Moping around at home and tired of feeling over weight, I decided that I was ready for change. I got up, found a gym with a daycare, hired a trainer, and put my best foot forward. Now, I enjoy weight lifting and other various activities that get my “sweat-on”. I believe exercise should be exciting AND challenging, but most importantly, FUN! The best part about this path is encouraging someone who, like me, was once filled with self-doubt, transform into their own hero. Finding empowerment within yourself is the strongest attribute you can achieve. I aspire to help others believe in their dreams and goals, whatever they are. If you’re contemplating change and looking for something to motivate you and make you feel good, I’m your gal. We can do this together! I can’t wait to meet you. Please, come and join me for fun and motivating workouts. Follow me on Facebook @deeannajfit


Jamie Wolcott

IKFF, Ketacademy, AKA and HKT cert for Kettlebells, CKT Level 1&2 Suples Bulgarian Bag Certified

I have over 11 years experience and am a 4 time Kettlebell world champion.  I can show you the correct way to use this tool in limited space to create a stronger healthier version of yourself.  I have proven that working with Kettlebells helps people to age backwards and gain a better quality of life. I offer group as well as one on one training for Kettlebells. You can find more info at 


Daniel "Chavo" Chavez


Hey! My name is Daniel “Chavo” Chavez. I’m 26. Health and Fitness are a HUGE passion of mine. Sports have been a major part of my life. As a former college athlete, I have experienced and learned from many great coaches and training methods. Since then, I have greatly enjoyed designing and programming workouts for myself, family and friends. Now, I want to show YOU how gratifying the active lifestyle truly is. No matter the goal; your body’s durability is one of the top priorities with my approach.


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