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I am aware that BEYOND THE PUSH FITNESS virtual fitness classes will involve up to one hour of physical activity, which could place stress on my muscular and cardiovascular systems. Should a class exceed my physical ability, I understand that I am cautioned not to overwork my body and to do only the movements I am physically capable of executing. I understand that I must be in good health to participate in online fitness classes. If pregnant or with any other conditions that could affect my ability to exercise, I must receive verbal clearance from my physician before participating in any BEYOND THE PUSH FITNESS virtual fitness classes. I understand that I am participating in this physical activity at my own risk.

I hereby release and waive for myself, any and all rights to claims from damages arising from any illness, injury, occurrence or aggravation to myself as a result of participation in BEYOND THE PUSH FITNESS classes in a virtual class setting. This release and waiver covers all class instructors and the owner of BEYOND THE PUSH FITNESS. By signing this waiver, I am stating that I have read and understand the above BEYOND THE PUSH FITNESS program policy.

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