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Apple Bottom Builder
(30 Day Challenge)

 Who doesn't want a nice, curvy backside?! That isn't the only reason we can benefit from strengthening our glutes though! Strong glutes can help reduce back pain, reduce knee pain, increase athletic performance and of course give you that nice apple bottom that looks good in whatever you put on.

Whatever your reason for wanting to build that booty, the Apple Bottom Builder 30 Day Challenge can help you begin your journey to strengthen and define your awesome asset! Are you ready?!

 Only $89

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What You Get

Apple Bottom Builder
  • Trainer made workouts that you can do in less than 30 mins, specifically designed to strengthen and sculpt your glutes and make them stronger

  • Beyond The Push Fitness app access for workout delivery, progress tracking and more

  • Anytime support with your trainer via the Beyond The Push Fitness app messenger feature

  • Tips to help keep you on track 

  • Accountability: Your trainer will be checking in with you to keep you on course

  • A stronger just 30 days

  • (Bonus) Unlimited Virtual Boot Camp classes with Lacey for the duration of the challenge

* No customization or modifications included.

What You'll Need For This Challenge

  • A set of dumbbells (or dumbbells substitute)

  • A mat 

  • A "Can do" attitude

What People Are Saying

Squat Workout

I loved the program! It wasn't incredibly difficult to follow. I noticed some minor differences for sure! I liked the videos that went along with each exercise. I didn't get tired of the program or lose interest like usual.

Fitness at Home

I definitely feel stronger! I can see and feel a change!

Crossfit Studio

The amount of time for each workout, levels, and demonstrations were all great. I also felt like the app was super user friendly, and enjoyed getting the push notifications in the morning.

Before and After


Frequently Asked Questions


"Can I do this along with another exercise program?"

This 30 day challenge focuses primarily on the lower half of the body. It can be used as a stand alone (if you're not using the challenge to get a complete full body workout) or it can be added to your regular workout routine, given that you're taking proper rest and recovery days. You could also add upper body strengthening to this challenge for a more full body workout.


“How do I contact you to ask a question?”

You are welcome to email me with any questions. You will hear back from me within 24 hours. You may contact me via the messenger feature in your Beyond The Push Fitness app. for questions that require a more urgent answer.


“How do payments work?”

You will be able to make a one time payment via Paypal.


“What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise included in the workout?”

I will do my best to keep the workouts simple and easy to follow while still challenging. I will provide pictures or in most cases, video demos. 


“Do you give refunds?”

No. I am committed to you and your success. Designing effective programming takes a lot of time, knowledge and energy to create. Once it is delivered to you, a refund will not be possible. 


“Do I need to purchase any equipment?”

No. I prefer you have a set of dumbbells, but if you do not then you may be able to find something in your home that you can use as a substitute (like an unopened bottle of wine for example, or a couple of cans or bottle of laundry detergent).


“Do I need to download any software?”

Yes. You will need to download the Beyond The Push Fitness app. It is a free app to you and will be the primary way I will deliver your workouts and track your progress. You can also access your account by logging into your Beyond The Push Fitness account.


“How strict does my diet need to be?”

Nutrition is not a part of this programming, but it is important to eat as healthy as you can when trying to lose fat to expose lean muscles. Ultimately diet will be up to you. As a side note, I am against strict dieting and against major calorie restriction.


“Can I still drink alcohol during your challenge?”

You will get various answers here from different trainers, but I am in the school of thought that you should decrease, not eliminate, the things you enjoy. I’d recommend cutting the alcohol down to one drink, once a week. Alcohol offers empty calories and can hinder your progress, but so can completely restricting yourself and then giving in and having several drinks a couple times a week. Just be smart about your intake and reduce it if you can. If you can eliminate alcohol then it will help tremendously.

“Do I need to be a member of a gym?”

No. This challenge is designed so that you can workout anywhere.

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